We are the first Brazilian law firm providing full service legal advice focused on on-line businesses and the new economy.

We are highly specialized on the market: we come from internet and high tech companies, investment funds and specialized teams from traditional law and consulting firms.

We were born in 2011, out of the perception that the market was lacking of specialized legal services.



  • Closeness to our Clients
    To assure our adding more value to clients, while committing to their success.
  • Technical Excellence and Drive
    Quality, agility, effectiveness and results.
  • Specialized Professional Services
    We take pride in our reputation as market leaders.
  • Disruptiveness
    We know that status quo could do better.
  • Ethical Conduct
    We aim to build trust in all of our relationships.
  • Efficient and Modern Management
    Lawyers can no longer be simply lawyers.
  • Joy
    Creativity, joy and love for what we do.



  • Corporate
  • Tax
  • Cyberlaw
  • Contracts
  • Data Privacy and Cybersecurity
  • Intellectual Property
  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  • Regulatory and Compliance


  • Internet and New Technologies
  • Seed, Venture Capital and Private Equity
  • Fintech
  • 020s and other Tech Intensive Businesses
  • Media and Telecoms
  • E-Commerce
  • CAMS (Cloud, Analytics, Mobile and Social)
  • Online Advertising


We are also eAdvisor

We have assembled a team specifically devoted to providing legal advice to Start-Ups. eAdvisor services aim not only at helping to structure businesses and enable investments, but also on providing operational legal advice. Since budgets are limited for Start-Ups, eAdvisor deliverables include us acting almost as in-house counsels, dealing with all of our clients legal needs in a cost effective manner. We can do so efficiently by leveraging on our expertise on the market.

Strategy and Opportunities

Our familiarity with tech driven business, puts us on a privileged position to, from the legal perspective, aid on savings, risks and strategy. While providing our services we are constantly screening for risks and opportunities to our clients. Again, this is made possible by reaping the benefits of our track record.

Focus on the Business

We believe that legal advice has to be direct, dynamic, business-oriented and understandable. By being direct, we mean that we are not forbearing with ambiguous or self-serving legal advice.

Lean as a Motto

We are obsessed in creating more value to our clients with fewer resources. We focus our processes and manage our infrastructure to create value with as least waste as possible. We strive to do so without any compromise to security or quality.



Jihane Halabi

Founding partner. Bachelor of Laws degree (J.D. equivalent) from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie and specialization degrees on Cyberlaw from IBMEC and on Intellectual Property from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV/SP).

Expert in online business and over 16 years of experience in the legal structuring of digital business models and providing legal advice focused on the Internet and on New Technologies specially in connection to fintech, e-commerce, alternate means of payment, data privacy and online advertising.

Guest Professor in several universities such as FGV – Fundação Getúlio Vargas and Anhembi Morumbi teaching legal aspects of Digital law and Intellectual Property Rights for the post-graduation degree.

Acts as a mentor for Stanford Ignite Program – Stanford University.

Speaker in several events and technical congresses related to legal aspects in connection with bank and payment regulation, digital law and data privacy.

Member of international delegations such as China ITS and Accenture UAE.

First Managing Director of Girls in Tech in Brazil and enthusiastic of women’s empowerment movements in the tech ecosystem.

Expertise: Fintech Regulation, Cyberlaw, Online Data Protection, Intellectual Property, E-Businesses, E-Commerce, Venture Capital and Technology Contracts.

Anne Chang

Bachelor of Laws degree (J.D. equivalent) from Universidade de São Paulo (Largo São Francisco - USP), Masters of Law, LL.M., from University of California at Berkeley. Specialization on Financial Services and Market Regulation at London School of Economics - LSE.

Her professional background includes working in highly specialized law firms assisting domestic and foreign clients in widely known deals in different sectors, as well as in compliance and management of corporate affairs between shareholders, stakeholders and companies.

Expertise: M&A and Corporate Law, Venture Capital and Private Equity. Corporate Restructuring, Compliance and Governance, Capital Markets.

Marco Aurélio Brasil

Bachelor of Laws degree (J.D equivalent) from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, Specialization in Business Law at FGV-SP and in Diffuse and Collective Interests by Unama.

Legal career built as in-house counsel for litigation in leading online businesses, among those, Mercado Livre.

Expertise: Litigation, Alternate Methods of Dispute Resolution, Consumer, Labor and Cyber Law, Administrative Litigation, Fraud Prevention, Contracts and Government Relations.



Halabi e Chang Sociedade de Advogados
+55 (11) 3045-6614
Rua Ramos Batista, 152, 4º andar, Vila Olímpia
São Paulo, SP - Brasil
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